We are joint design manufacturer specializing in design and manufacture of automotive electronic products.

Our company is Singaporean owned incorporated in Hong Kong in year 2009 with technical specialist and engineering team in Hong Kong,Singapore,Malaysia & Philippines, and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen China. 

We have expertise in various major operational areas, including project management, audit & quality, supplier management, purchasing & supply chain support, and training. We are One Stop Solution that consist of Technical Design Engineers, Customer Service Officers, New Product Management and Supply Chain Management to expedite the development timeline from concept to production. Customer Service Officer constantly meet with customers to review technical requirements, challenges, problems, cost constraints and propose optimized product solutions that can be successfully marketed within their selected business segment.

Our designs are powered by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) supplemented with our own innovations and inventions layered with the customer excellent customizations.

Our existing customers are from Europe and the Americas. We encourage direct communication with existing and potential customers cutting away third-party and mid-level trading such as distributors, retail sales, traditional brochure marketing and trade fairs.