From your device to be tested to your tester or any diagnostic electronic tool, we provide transmission solution that is efficient and can withstand repeated use. Turning your transmission issues into a minimalist cable that solves it all. Our team of AutoCAD and diagnostic cable specialists has the expertise to create bespoke connectors and pinout connection cables, enabling seamless data transmission between automotive devices and vehicles.


We have our seasoned Automotive Engineer always ready to provide alternative solutions that are efficient and economical.

>  If you cannot provide the drawings, please provide the following information:

        ✔ Product Connector model or detailed picture

        ✔ The size of the product

        ✔ The product must withstand the current

        ✔ Product connector PIN definition

        ✔ Other requirements(Product usage space)

We have professional Auto CAD team drawing, we can customize: connector, shape,custom logo, product P/N logo.

>   If you can provide product drawings, our professional team can give you a more

optimized and reasonable alternative.

>   After the drawing is confirmed, we will make the sample for you free of charge and offer you a quotation.

>   Perform the actual testing and simulator on automotive applications.