3D Design

Once customer accepts the 2D drawings proposal, the 3D design will come next. The designs we offer will depend on clients' requirement and of course the PCB structures so it can fully protect and contain the electronic components inside the enclosure.

3D designing is crucial in transforming a conceptual design into a visual presentation. They aid in visualizing the final product before itgoes into production, allowing for modifications and improvements to be made more efficiently.


Here's why 3D modelling is important for product development: 

  • Realistic Visual Representation

  • Analyzing Product Functionality

  • Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

  • Speeding Up Product Development Process

  • Detailed and Precise Designs

  • Improved Prototyping and Testing

  • Enhanced Collaboration

  • Reducing Costs

  • Facilitating Product Customization

  • Streamlining Manufacturing Process

  • Eco-friendly Design Process