Prototyping is an essential step in the product development process. We offer free 3D printing, plastic molding and injection molding forprototyping and these methods have been widely used to create physical prototypes for visualization purposes, functional prototypesor testing.

Why use 3D print for prototyping?Shorten product development cycle with 3D printed prototypes - speeds up the decision-making process to have physical prototypes,especially when you are choosing between several different designs.

3D printed prototypes allows for better decisions - functional prototyping with 3D printing makes it easy for product development tocreate multiple iterations before proceeding into production tooling. This allows companies to avoid costly mistakes.

3D print for prototyping is changing the way we design products - 3D printing provides new possibilities to create optimized productswith new functions, lightweight designs, since design complexity is not a challenge within 3D printing.

Choosing the right 3D print technology and materials for prototyping - there is a broad range of different materials that allows productdevelopment teams to test the prototypes and their performance in real world conditions when exposed to chemicals, weather, etc.