Plastic Molding

Plastic mold design is creating a model design for manufacturing an object or component. A mold is typically made from metal or plasticand acts as a container that shapes and forms materials into desired shapes or sizes.

Mold design begins by selecting the material and shape of the mold, as well as its size, capacity, and other specifications. Additionally,considerations like temperature requirements during manufacturing, material type used, and desired properties of the final product must

be considered during this step.

Mold design is essential for the success of any manufacturing process that involves mold production. A well-designed mold can improveproduct quality, lower production costs, and boost production efficiency. Mold design considerations encompass material selection, mold

size, and shape, cooling and heating systems, gate/runner design, and ejection mechanisms.

One Mold - Different Design Approaches

We also offer "One Mold - Different Design Approach". This approach offers flexibility of having various design covering the cost for one. 

This method is proven to be very cost-effective.Unlike any other companies who invest in creating a mold for each component which is 

more expensive, ATA offers different appearances in one mold to save mold costs. In doing so, our clients can also provide OEM 

services to their different customers.