Rubberized Coating

Rubber coating is one of the most widely used processes of coating in various applications. Such protective coating is applied onto orimpregnated into an object for protective, decorative or functional purposes. Rubber coating medium is a very important considerationin the selection of coating material. This type of coating is used on many elastomeric components which are used in a variety of industrialapplications like electronics, automotive, etc.

Rubber coated components can become sticky over time due to deterioration. Other factories have this issue, but our method of rubbercoating solves this concern.

Advantages of Rubber Coating:Small quantity can be produced - We have revolutionized the industry by introducing a rubberized coating for our enclosures, providingadditional protection, an improved grip,and a soft-touch surface lasting over a decade.Cost saving - Rule out the added cost of dual-tone injection system and take advantage of multicolor feature of rubberized coating.Acquire the aesthetic look and touch of functionality and durability of every enclosure and molded parts without the need to add production cost.Long-lasting protection - Our rubberized coating provides reliable and long-lasting protection and enhances the functionality andappeal of the overall enclosure.